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Photography has become very popular in the digital era. Studio Damico is London’s newest photography epitome yet to be rivaled in its class. The owner, Patric Damico originates from a small city of Gibraltar in the south of the Iberian Peninsula bordering Spain. Patric Damico’s photography is nurtured by nature. While growing up in Gibraltar he learned how to draw images of dolphins swimming near the shore and ships coming to refuel at the bay. This inspired him to start taking photographs more often and was endorsed by many who came across his work for his professionalism. He has been invited to countless galas and fundraisers and a dozen royal weddings across Europe.

The studio has an arsenal of High Definition cameras to suit any occasion where services are needed whether in summer or in late spring. The cameras capture high-quality 3D and 5D both digital and printable images. Patric Damico is also incorporating photography using drones. This new form of photography is in high demand since the aerial view gives a new and captivating perspective in photography. The few aerial photographs taken using drones are on display at the studio and have attracted spectators from distinguished social ranks.

Canvasses used to print out photos are the modern-day version comparable to those used by Picasso back in the day. They bring out panoramic images revealing every detail captured, to the birds flying off in the distance. Another of the epic photographs taken by Patric are those of the Queensway Marina that capture cruise ships used by tourists from neighboring Spain and the Gibraltar cable car that ferries people to a destination well known as Top of the Rock. The cable car is one of its kinds in his home city Gibraltar and it captured Damico’s interest featured in his studio gallery in London.

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In this case, Damicos photography helps clients obtain information at a central point without the hustle of organizing their own tests to collect this important and useful data. Some the insights of Damico has made some of the gambling businesses to launch a new promotion for their online casinos named free spins no deposit uk. This is a new turf where most photographers have not dared venture into since most casinos do not allow their slot machines and the interior of the casinos generally, been photographed for reasons best known to the owners. It can also be said that photography in casinos is not part of their policy but still a select few photographers such as Patric Damico get the pleasure of taking snap shots of casinos. These antiquely taken photos have incredibly raised the standards to put Damico at a peak in the photo industry and flooding his clientele.

Damico’s clientele comes from the business class, royalty, celebrities and distinguished couples looking for excellent photographs taken in different locations all over London and beyond. Studio Damico was established purposely to suit and cover all photography needs presented by clients in whatever niche. Quality photographs are developed in various dimensions with precision for all images and Studio Damico will go out of its way to ensure all portraits developed meet stipulated standards.

Studio Damico in London is quite unique and in its league, as it offers a variety of services ranging from:

  • Wedding photography
  • Event photography
  • Corporate photography

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