About Us

Studio Damico offers the best there is to offer in the photography sector without a doubt. Patric’s endorsements over the years have seen his studio scoop numerous awards in this genre.

The studio is strategically located in London’s city square and all clients are welcome to visit our studio showroom and gallery. There is a variety of arts and cultural images on display from all over the world and clients can choose from a variety of backdrops in which their photos can be taken and published instantly without delays.

Our prices on corporate event coverage or private events such as weddings are competitive and pocket-friendly. Regular customers receive huge discounts for loyalty and bringing in new clientele.

We also have photo frames of all designs and dimensions to suit client needs. Clients who need their photos delivered right to their door step also get to enjoy this after sales service from Studio Damico by our branded executive couriers.

Our doors are open to the general public at all times and you can visit our website for any queries, comments or recommendations.

We value customer feedback on our photography to know where we need to improve.

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