Corporate Photography

London’s list of corporate institutions is endless and they are among the top in the world according to reports by Forbes magazine. For instance, HSBC located in Canary Wharf London is one of the highest ranked banks in the world. Another mega corporate is Unilever which is a giant in the manufacture of household provisions, petroleum products, and its returns are in billions of US dollars. Both these corporations have at one point requested Studio Damico to hold a photo shoot of their executive staff on a retreat in Italy. Patric also had the pleasure of taking photos of the high towering HSBC building in London during its launch. The photographs were both terrestrial and aerial to capture all aspects of the building’s architecture.

Diageo, a leading producer of alcoholic beverages and with an exceeding market share of 25% in the United States alone is another multinational corporation that required experienced and world class photographers like Patric Damico to go on tour promoting famous alcoholic beverages such as Hennessey, Johnny Walker, Baileys among other outstanding drinks consumed worldwide. The company seeks to promote their beverages by posting online and on billboards using canvases that Studio Damico specializes in.

To top it off is Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic airline. Just like any other airline, Richard Branson’s airline needed to put a word out that it was a one of a kind flight experience that everyone needed to get. Studio Damico employed yet another set of qualified personnel to cover the interior of the Airbus, including the flight attendants. Numerous photos of the flight experience were shot and included captions of passengers onboard conveying their satisfaction and comfort while flying Virgin Atlantic. All these gestures and experience was captured by our renowned studio.

Last but not least, work carried out by Studio Damico is the well-known global brand, McDonald’s. The brand best known for their tasty foods and having a chain of restaurants in major cities worldwide is another corporate that requested professional photo coverage from our studio in London. All services offered at McDonald’s needed advertising to increase customer base globally. That was only attainable by getting top notch photos of the foods and cocktails served as well as interiors of the resident buildings located in different cities. This took a lot of planning and use of different high-end cameras to bring out a world class touch in the food industry.

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