Event Photography

This is a broad form of photography which covers numerous occasions/ events. These events include:


Studio Damico has experience in the above-mentioned event photography shooting and is highly ranked for the quality work they generate.

The latest car Exhibition in London was recently carried out required Damico’s expertise. The organizers of the event contacted Patric to shoot the different vintage cars and classics brought together by various enthusiasts from all over Europe. The event organized by an elite individual from the royal family wanted experienced photography personnel to take exquisite shots of the vintage cars for display on walls, magazines, and online blogs. Canvasses of high quality found exclusively at Studio Damico were necessary to give out the classy feel of the images captured. This needed extra planning and photography gear for capturing from various angles to bring out specific details of the cars in the best of conditions.

Another photography session that required studio Damicos expertise is the Anniversary of renowned movie celebrities and a sensational pop singer. Experienced garnered over the past decades have seen Patric Damico gain recognition from elite personnel who were celebrating anniversaries in various destinations. These are not invitations or gigs granted for any photographer since only the best and well equipped can be trusted to take perfect shots with ease and professionalism without leaking private photos of the celebrities to the general public.

Concert organizers need specialized photographers to cover the events during the entire concert for later publishing or personalization to fit specific individuals during their performances. The stage set up to back drop settings including the props need to be captured too as requested by the concert organizers as it will help market them to other people who need their specific mode of setting. Such detail precision is what Studio Damico is all about.

Conferences and Competitions organizers around London and Spain have found themselves crossing paths with Patric’s Studio in order to get detailed and professional images of their events. Competitions carried out in large sporting arenas cannot be captured using ordinary cameras while on the ground and that’s where Damicos drones come in handy as the fly over the sporting arena capturing the unique spectacles and performances from a remote location with ease. Large conferences also need precision cameras and employment of styles to shoot excellent photos for journals or pamphlets awaiting publishing.

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