Trip to the Netherlands to picture gratis gokken

As a photographer it is very exciting to be able to travel places to take pictures of new places, items or phenomenons. I had been to the Netherlands before, but this trip was special. On this trip I got to take pictures of something that is not tangible. And that subject is gratis gokken. This means gambling for free in Dutch. Now that we are on the topic, gratis gokkasten means free slot machines. I will be using these two casino terms quite a lot, so it’s good if you know what they mean.

What does gratis gokken look like?

That is the first question that I had to ask myself. How could I picture gratis gokken? And what was worse, it had to be in an online casino. So I started out with gratis gokkasten, just to get in the flow and make my own life easier. This was not so much of a challenge as I just took an iPad, navigated to an online casino and to their free spins page. Of course I had an attractive model holding the iPad. I also took some pictures of just the casino after which I was good to go. Now all that was left was, gratis gokken. So I went on a Google search for images on this term. All I got to see was pictures of slot machines. This didn’t help me, so I decided to just start shooting and not waste any more time. I had the model put money on the table in front of her and play in a casino on the iPad that said free spins. The picture was from behind which made the vibe visible. After that I took a few other pictures, but this first setting turned out to be the best. The client was very happy.

Trying gratis gokkasten myself

After working with gratis gokken and gratis gokkasten all day, I became curious about playing slot machines for free in an online casino. So when I finally got to my hotel room, I had to try one out. I navigated to an online casino called Cookie Casino, can’t help that I love cookies, and used the no deposit free spins the casino was offering. I had a lot of fun and even made some money. It wasn’t much but I think €5 is not too bad for a first visit to an online casino. Especially since I didn’t spend a dime.

Casino tips

After getting some casino experience, I just want to take some time to give you some tips about it and about gratis gokkasten in particular. In the beginning it all seems fun and innocent, but you should be careful that you don’t get sucked into the thrill of the game. Because after you spend your free spins, the gratis gokkasten are not free anymore. Which means you have to start paying. Many players are inclined to do so if they have had a nice experience so far. That’s where you should be careful. Before you deposit any money, you should decide on a budget and promise yourself to stick to it. If you do that and can keep your own promise, you’ll have a great time at the casino. And maybe even hit a nice win.

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