Wedding Photography

Weddings can pose challenges for many photographers in the business as the couples’ specifications can lead to part-time photographers paving way for veterans like Studio Damico who stand out of the crowd in the photography industry. Using the cutting edge technology cameras, Damico studio employs endorsed experience to weddings to capture epic and memorable photos that are undoubtedly clear as a cloudless Sunday morning.

Wedding photography can be categorized in different ways to fit conventional or unconventional methods of photography. These categories include:

Fine art photography

This mode of photography entails artistic impressions and creativity to bring out the natural surrounding with a twist. Photographers at Studio Damico employ high-quality production techniques creating artistic impressions prior to developing the photos on canvasses or displaying them digitally. Photoshop, filters and other forms of masks are used to come up with fine images. It also includes engaging the clients into making poses or making gestures randomly and the photographer will caption the right moments to add a finer impression. Angles and different lighting can be adjusted while taking photos

Illustrative photography

This form of photography available and offered by Studio Damico is more engaging to the couple as they have to illustrate what they share between them with a passion. This involves encouraging the couple who are having the engagement occasion to be spontaneous in their poses to capture many shots and with precise lighting and background. The couples can also subjected to different environments to brighten the photos or give a poetic feeling in the portraits taken.

Fashion photography

This form of photography basically brings out the marketing aspect of wedding gowns, unique clothing among other paraphernalia that need commercializing in the wedding fashion industry. This technique also involves special lighting and poses that could be quite dramatic for marketing purposes. Designs and different models need capturing as directed by the organizer of the event. The background also incorporates sites or unique features as requested by the fashion model.

Traditional and classic photography

Here the photographer is much more involved in the wedding organization as he/she will be guiding in the couple or guests at the wedding to stand at different positions or even group them in a particular order to capture the traditional aspect. The main aim here is to bring out posed photographs to be displayed in albums for future references.

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